Valkyrie Network

Vswap is an automatic token exchange protocol based on Ethereum. It is designed for ease of use, high gas utilization, censorship resistance, and zero draw.

Android install

Development Plan and Roadmap

Jan. 2021 V-wallet online,open the registration

Feb. 2021 V-wallet dock in ETH,TRX

March 2021 Vswap ETH DEX online

April 2021 Vswap BSC DEX online

May 2021 Vswap ETH Layer 1 aggregator beta online

May~June 2021 Vswap VAL AMM LPs start mining

June 2021 Yellow Paper of Valkyrie Swap release regarding further plan and roadmap

June 2021 Vswap ETH Layer 2 structure Beta release

June 2021 Vswap NFT market online

July 2021 NFT Auction start

Before October 2021 Vswap Ethereum L2 ZK Rollup solution release

2021 Middle term research and design tasks:

Defi Loan

Futures Function

VSwap IDO Platform

Decentralize Wallet private Key management

V-Dapp Store

Community NFT Auction Platform

Valkyrie Community

Mandalorian Plan

        The Valkyrie Network project attracts developers from around the world, and these DEFI technology enthusiasts will develop and promote smart contracts within the Vswap ecosystem. Valkyrie Network has a rating system and a reward system in place for the developer community, which ensures that every line of code is rewarded with tokens.All bounty items will be posted globally through the developer community and the website. The Mandalorian Project code is open source, and every developer can contribute from anywhere around the world and participate in the evaluation tasks. This new form of collaboration will give the developer community the greatest freedom and the greatest rewards.